One of Liliana's other passions is working as a consultant, mentor, and idea generator, advising other artists, festivals, theaters, and various artistic activities. For instance, Smak was born in collaboration with artist Rostam Mirlashari, a project jointly produced by Farhang and Libelula Music, where she led the project in 2021 and served as director of aesthetics in photography, working closely with photographer Fredrik Gille.

Liliana has contributed ideas to Alias Teatern and Smak, among others. She has also created her own shows such as Sola, Dia de los muertos and Chamanay Totem. She is the co-founder of Tamboreras, co-creator of Skräpitas and Unicornix, and founder of Beat Company.

Currently, she is involved in creating her new album, co-creating a new musical trio ZMC, and the upcoming children's show by Shohaz premiering in October 2024. Since 2022, she has been working as a mentor for Ethno Sweden and as a co-leader, musician and tour manager for Ethno on the Road. Since 2022, she has been part of "Pulso", a course led by musician Ale Möller at the Ingesund School of Music in Sweden. 

She also offers percussion courses and workshops.

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Photo: Fredrik Gille


Upptäck våra kommande rundturer!

SOLA, Liliana Zavala 

Stockholm, Sverige

9 april 2024

Shohaz jorden runt! 

Vallentuna, Sverige

28 may 2024

Liliana Zavala TRio

Stallet, Etnografiska Stockholm, Sverige

17 juli 2024

Liliana Zavala Trio & Chamanai Totem!

Malmö Sommarscen, Malmö, Sverige

25 juli 2024

Beat Company på Parkteatern!

Sergel torget, Stockholm, Sverige

12 september 2024

Beat Company på Parkteatern!

Sergel torget, Stockholm, Sverige

13 september 2024


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Vi är stolta över att vara omskrivna i medier.

Lili Zavala triosTURNEN REDAN KLAR!

Libelula Music är stolta över Beat Companys framgång i Urkult festivalen! Tack för ert stöd! Ses på Sergel Torget, Stockholm, inom Parkteaterns program den 12 e och den 13e september!

Shohaz förbereder sin nya barn föreställning!


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