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Libelula Music is dedicated to fostering cutting-edge ideas, creating music, and offering artistic direction.

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The percussionist Liliana Zavala presents her solo show. A pedagogical and intimate performance that tells us about the journey of our ancestors and their percussion instruments between Africa and Latin America.

Presenting her new album "Todos mis muertos," which was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Folk Music 2023, where she pays tribute to loved ones who are no longer part of this world. 

Beat Company are musicians with varied backgrounds from different countries, music genres and styles. They are a group of professionals having a great time together, all contributing with their different experiences and knowledges.

Naranjo- Zavala

Tania Naranjo and Liliana Zavala, both accomplished instrumentalists, come together to showcase their exceptional talent and strong personalities. Their performance is a fusion of breathtaking rhythms, virtuosity, original compositions, and traditional music from their native countries, Chile and Argentina. With heartfelt singing and boundless energy, these artists create a mesmerizing experience, offering a unique blend of Musical Magical Realism from South America.

Farias- Zavala

The improvisation reaches its peak in this encounter for the enjoyment provided by these two artists hailing from Argentina and Brazil. A carnival of free rhythms! This duo provides the opportunity to include a masterclass before or after the concert.


This musical trio not only showcases melodic skills but also takes audiences on a cultural journey. By blending folk music and tales from Iran, Argentina, and Senegal, Lamine Cissoko (kora and vocals), Rostam Mirlashari (vocals and tamburag), and Liliana Zavala (percussion and vocals) intricately weave together a captivating sonic tapestry that celebrates their cultural heritage, offering a distinctive and dynamic musical experience.

       Our projects for kids and teenager 

Unicornix 3

 It is a performance set in a fantasy world where we learn that by accepting ourselves, we can be accepted for who we are

Chamanay Totem

A performance inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estés' book "Women Who Run with the Wolves," which delves into the myths and tales about the archetype of the wild woman.


How can individuals of various age groups and nationalities engage in communication? The answer lies in music! Embark on a 40-minute global journey with the renowned World Music ensemble, Golbang!

In collaboration with Farhang.

With subsidy from Region Stockholm



Jazz, Latin rhythms and all kinds of influences from around the world came to the Urkult festival on 5/08/2023 and caressed the walls of Ådal's Church of Passion. Together they had two talented musicians: Karin Hammar on trombone and Daniella Eriksson Dahlström on bass.

The next concert will be at Järna kulturfestivalen on August 24, this time with Rubem Farias on bass.


SMAK - Sound Voice Rhythm Movement" is a concert series that combines interviews and conversations. In SMAK, Swedish-based artists are featured, each uniquely embodying a rich musical and storytelling tradition deeply rooted in a specific location or folk culture from various parts of the world.

Quiero...un poco mas

Discover our video, recorded in beautiful Cap Verde by Fredrik Gille with a simple mobile phone. "Quiero... un poco mas" is on the Cabildo album and highlights the feeling of wanting to go back or let the train go.


Discover our upcoming tours!

SOLA, Liliana Zavala 

Stockholm, Sverige

9 april 2024

Shohaz jorden runt! 

Vallentuna, Sverige

28 may 2024

Liliana Zavalas band

Stallet, Etnografiska Stockholm, Sverige

17 juli 2024


Orsayran, Orsa, Sverige

10 juli 2024

Liliana Zavala Trio & Chamanay Totem!

Malmö Sommarscen, Malmö, Sverige

25 juli 2024

N Bea Bella-Zavala Quartet

Järna Kulturfest, Sverige

24 August 2024

Unicornix duo

Fanfar Teatern, Farsta, Sweden

2 october 2024

Beat Company på Parkteatern!

Sergel torget, Stockholm, Sverige

12 & 13 september 2024

Unicornix duo

Bagarmossens Folkets hus, Sweden

3 october 2024

Unicornix 3

Midsomargårde, Telefonplan,Sweden

16 october 2024

Liliana Zavala Trio & Chamanay Totem:Dia de los Muertos.

Världskulturmuseet, Huddinge, Sweden

30 October 2024

Liliana Zavala band, Dia de Los Muertos

Slava Teatern, Huddinge, Sweden

1 November 2024


Lili Zavala triosTURNEN REDAN KLAR!

Thanks to the musicians Rubem Farias and Pablo Donaldo. Thanks to the producers of Global North and Arne Hauge for the photo!

Libelula Music is proud of the success of Beat Company at the Urkult festival! Thank you for your support! See you at Sergel Square, Stockholm, as part of Parkteatern's program on the 12th and 13th of September!

We are preparing a new show, you can spy some of the new here!

New show premiere on October 7th and 8th in Sigtuna!


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