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Zavala trio

Liliana's powerful trio presents her own compositions in a show where all three members have an important part in providing a new and original expression to the music scene.

They take us on a melodic journey through the world of modern folklore from the various Argentinian and Latin American rhythms to the new influences of Swedish folk music. Vocals and rhythms are based on the African aesthetics of call and response.

Based in Stockholm, their unique sound comes from mixing Cuban son-standards with their own compositions; influenced by Afrocuban rhythms from Brazil, Peru, Uruguay and by Swedish jazz, all with Scandinavian precision and where improvisation has its natural home.

This band belongs to the small elite group of high-class bands that elevate the world music genre. When the distinct sounds of the various cultures shine through, as they do in Golbang’s music, it’s nothing less than magic. An important part of Golbang’s music is improvised, which very much contributes to their unique sound.

"Det var som att hela världen kom över publiken och alla rytmer, sånger, danser och fantastisk musik svämmade över oss."

The original and warm duo of these two masters of Argentinian percussion music: Vivi Pozzebon and Lili Zavala, is something that you can't miss! A show of pure rhythm and voices intertwining stories and traditional songs from the  Latin American folclore.

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